Prensa AATI

Literary translators represented at the Buenos Aires book fair



The Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters (AATI) will host its annual Literary Translators Seminar at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair as part of the Book Fair’s Professional Sessions.

The third edition of the seminar will be held on April 19-22, alongside seminars for writers, illustrators, publishing houses and bookstore owners. The programme will cover a wide range of topics of interest for various stakeholders of the book value chain, with translators of copyright works at centre stage. There will be a panel on Translation of Children and Young Readers’ Fiction, focusing on emerging and inclusive formats, such as books in braille and video-books with sign language interpreting, followed by a discussion by a writer, translator and publisher on the dynamic landscape of this genre. Other panels will address Translation of Academic Works for university publishing houses, and Translator Networking and Professionalization. Additionally, there will be a panel on the status of the Translation Copyright Bill, and two workshops for translators, which will be led by international speakers and experts: Translating Art and Culture for the World - The French Case Study, and Translation Contracts - Best Practices.

The opening and closing ceremonies will feature renowned translators and writers of translated books from Argentina and foreign countries, contributing a global view of the challenges and opportunities faced by professionals specialising in the translation of copyright works. As on previous occasions, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking with colleagues and visiting the Book Fair on those special days when it can be enjoyed exclusively by professionals, before the bustle of the grand opening to the public.

The Literary Translation Seminar at the Book Fair has become a classic: every year an increasing number of language professionals gather to listen to prominent speakers, take part in workshops and network with peers. The presence of Translators at such a major cultural event is considered a true achievement that encourages organisers to continue proposing relevant and innovative activities for participants.

As a prelude to the Book Fair Seminar, AATI was present at another major cultural event in Buenos Aires City, bringing visibility to the translation profession: “The Night of Bookstores.” On Saturday, March 12, AATI sponsored two activities accessible to the public as part of a wider programme organized by City authorities: A lively performance of Shakespeare comedy acts by two translators-actresses (Natalia Barry and Salomé Boustani), on an outdoor stage, and a recital of original prose pieces and their translated versions, by well-known authors and their translators, in a cultural centre. The author-translator duets were: Pablo Ingberg and Daniela Bentancur (English), Léonce Lupette and Martina Fernández Polcuch (German), and Silvia Kederian and Gabriel Torem (Quichua). The venue was Corrientes Avenue, the epicentre of bookstores, theatres and night entertainment, against the backdrop of the lit-up Obelisk, a true hallmark of the city’s vibrant social life.